About Us

LuxWrap® is a world leading Superyacht Wrapping brand, specialising in the installation of advanced foil and film solutions on the interior and exterior of large yachts.

From our first projects, to the ones we work on now, our business has grown through word of mouth and professional recommendations, primarily through the relationships we cultivate with captains, crew, build/refit managers, yacht brokers, agents and others worldwide who respect and trust the work we do.

The LuxWrap team is comprised of a multinational group of highly skilled and experienced professionals, with industry experience and a portfolio of completed projects, that few could claim to rival:

On our team you will find qualified engineers, competition-level installers, experienced climbers, and a management staff which ensures everything runs smoothly.

This combination of competencies, and a shared passion for delivering the largest projects imaginable, is what makes LuxWrap so successful.

Whether it’s a hull wrap completed in the water, an interior facelift using architectural films, or protecting stainless steel galleys and woodwork on a new-build, we understand the superyacht industry and its demand for excellence, and our service is delivered at the very highest level.

The LUXWRAP name is a registered trademark in the UK, EU and USA.

For an insight into what industry professionals think of us, please see our independently vetted reviews on Yachting Pages.

If you have any interior or exterior yacht wrapping requirement, please get in contact.

Latest News

We all know that painting Superyachts is expensive and time consuming and must be done at least every 8-10 years. Wrapping on the other hand is 1/10th the cost and also lasts several years. By choosing LuxWrap, you are making a decision to protect your paint, which is a capital asset, with your style, which is whatever you want your yacht to look like this season. So whilst our service may offer huge style potential, it has enormous utility and long term cost benefits.


LuxWrap Team